for lack of better words, this has been an interesting week. i’ve loved every minute of it. thank you. all of you.


Arete on Flickr.


Pool in the Ocean, Huvafen Island



Indochinese Leopard ©


The Sea | by: { flava2000 }


Empire State Building | by: { Emily Golitzin }
Anonymous said: I thought you broke up in June, and I figured you loved her so youd care about how she felt. But good for you dude

i’m sorry if that wasn’t the answer you expected, or what you wanted to hear.

Anonymous said: Dont respond, but she knows about Jessica too

to clarify a few things:

1. thank you for trying to help, but i know.

2. why wouldn’t i respond? it’s not a secret, and i don’t really think it should be treated like one.

3. we aren’t together, we haven’t been together for going on 6 months.

my point being that i can do whatever i feel like i need to do or whatever i want to do and i don’t have to feel guilty about it, and so can she. i don’t feel a need to explain myself to anyone, as my actions are mine and mine alone. the gossip party that has been prevalent as of late has begun to take it’s toll. if anyone wants the answer to a question pertaining to me, they can feel free to ask, i have no problem answering truthfully, and while i don’t really like people delving into my personal life, i would much prefer they be straight forward about it and ask me directly opposed to treating it like confidential information. 

so, to all of the people sending me anonymous messages regarding my personal life and sending me advice that i didn’t ask for, i really do appreciate your interest and your good intentions, but i make my own decisions, regardless of what other peoples’ opinions about those decisions may be. 



Dad and Son Addicted to Heroin photographed by Anatoly Rakhimbaev

a guaranteed destiny. of that i’m sure.